Redefining Social Media into Social Communication

What Is Social Media? Social media is about platforms, channels, networks, wireframes. It’s about the people and corporations who create and maintain these spaces that become social places. Thus, to know social media, one must know the businesses and their capitalist impetousness toward profit. Social media is multimodal. It combines writing, drawing, speaking, photographing, filming,Continue reading “Redefining Social Media into Social Communication”

Social Media Literacy and Ethical Leadership

Social Media and Leadership Power Social networks online and offline represent relationships between people, and people capitalize on such connections to perform tasks, from gathering information to enacting political reform. Strong connections can yield higher returns, as strong ties more than weak ties can encourage willingness to help. The more strong ties we have, andContinue reading “Social Media Literacy and Ethical Leadership”

A Communication Toolbox for Communication Literacy

The following is an excerpt from my book Fractured Fandoms: Contentious Communication in Fan Communities. To read all of the information, you will need to get the book, either from a seller or your local library. [Do not cite this blog post as it is an abridged version of what appears in the book. AllContinue reading “A Communication Toolbox for Communication Literacy”