Community at AAW

It takes a community to build a wrestling promotion. We have been going to AAW shows now for over a year. We have been to see them in the various venues they use in Chicago — Logan Square Auditorium, 115 Bourbon Street, the Berwyn Eagles Club, and Joe’s Live at Rosemont. We have watched some […]

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The Dark Side of Fandom

Last fall the call went out from the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (aka C2E2) for proposed panels for the 2016 convention. I had just been part of a very successful discussion at an academic conference that considered the problems, tensions, fractures that fans have been facing, online and offline, for years. But that was […]

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OUYA Visits Chicago Game Developers

Julie Uhrman, the founder and CEO of OUYA, visited the Chicagoland tonight at a function organized by the Chicago chapter of the International Game Developers Association.  Her goal was to introduce to the new open source video game console to local game developers, as well as answer their questions and gather their ideas ahead of […]

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