The Pop Culture Lens on The Dark Knight Returns

In the thirteenth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and I welcome friend of the podcast, and unofficial third co-host, Joe Belfeuil to discuss the lasting impact of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. We were all fans of the comic book / graphic novel at some point in the past, butContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens on The Dark Knight Returns”

Comics Adaptations Causing Fractured Fandom

We are now full swing into the summer blockbuster season for Hollywood, and let’s take a tally of movies that are currently out or soon to arrive that originate from the pages of comic books.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Hercules.  Guardians of the Galaxy.  TeenageContinue reading “Comics Adaptations Causing Fractured Fandom”

Making Sense of Superheroes: Awareness of superhero genre conventions around the world

Report by CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, Roskilde University (March 6, 2009) of the Quantitative Results (This paper was presented at the Danish scifi convention Fantasticon to discuss the nature of superheroes.) A series of quantitative and qualitative questions were asked of individuals around the world on: whether or not certain characteristics defined superheroes; creating their ownContinue reading “Making Sense of Superheroes: Awareness of superhero genre conventions around the world”

The Oddness of Old Comic Books

(This post originally appeared on Clearance Bin Review.  I am reposting it here given my interest in studying the morality of superheroes as well as my interest in understanding how people make sense of texts as they engage with them.  I also believe there is something to be said about the importance of the nature of theContinue reading “The Oddness of Old Comic Books”

The Morality of Superheroes

Previously I have discussed the definition of superheroes, the international nature of superheroes, and the ability to consider superheroes from different legends and religions.  In this post I share my thoughts on the ethical and moral nature of superheroes, on how we could consider them to be role models for our modern lives.  The furtherContinue reading “The Morality of Superheroes”

Superheroes of Religions, Legends

As originally first reported for the Clearance Bin Review, and as a preparation for the panel I am on this Wednesday night, November 6th, at Dominican University, I wrap up my three part series on superheroes (part 1 and part 2) with this entry, in which I attempt to answer this question: do religious figures and the heroes ofContinue reading “Superheroes of Religions, Legends”

From Hell to the Cineplex

From Hell to the Cineplex: Adaptation of a graphic novel on narrative and sensual levels While it has been Hollywood history to base movies on novels, many movies today are being made by adapting texts that have a pre-existing fanbase, such as comic books, novels, video games, television shows, etc.  While ostensibly one reason for theseContinue reading “From Hell to the Cineplex”

Preliminary Marxist Critique of Superheroes

[What follows is from a class assignment for a critical theory course I took in graduate school.  It’s in idea I’ve been mulling over for awhile.  It is not a complete idea: just the seed of something for the future.] I’ve been mulling over this idea for a while: how to conduct a Marxist critiqueContinue reading “Preliminary Marxist Critique of Superheroes”