Analyzing Trump’s 2018 SOTU

Back in 2013, I analyzed President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address after the contentious 2012 election campaign. I copied the transcript for his address and ran it through a word cloud generator (at the time, Wordle) to see what words he used more, and thus what ideas he emphasized in his speech. InContinue reading “Analyzing Trump’s 2018 SOTU”

Analyzing Obama’s 2013 SOTUS

Back after the election was determined, I used the tag cloud generator to analyze Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.  Just to follow-up, I decided that the same type of analysis would be usefully applied to Obama’s most recent big speech: his 2013 State of the Union Speech (SOTUS, as we now say in this Twitter,Continue reading “Analyzing Obama’s 2013 SOTUS”

Analyzing Obama’s 2012 Victory Speech

In the early hours of November 7th, 2012, Barack Obama took the stage at the McCormick Center in Chicago to give his re-election victory speech after Republican challenger Mitt Romney had conceded the defeat of Ohio, and as Ohio went, so went the nation.  In about 20 minutes, Obama thanked his family, his friends, hisContinue reading “Analyzing Obama’s 2012 Victory Speech”