Cultivation theory, media socialization and adolescents’ identity formation

(Originally a class paper written in 2003, with the full paper, including references, found here.  Related thinking on this topic can be found here.) When a farmer plants a field of corn, he must provide several environmental conditions to ensure it grows. There must be ample sunlight, water, and fertilizer. The temperature should neither beContinue reading “Cultivation theory, media socialization and adolescents’ identity formation”

Adolescents, Media Use, and Identity Formation

A long time ago, when I first started graduate school, one of my primary research interests was the role the media plays in forming people’s identities.  At the time, I researched everything I could on the psychological and sociological underpinnings of identity formation, to try to understand how the media could be involved in thisContinue reading “Adolescents, Media Use, and Identity Formation”

Teenagers Using Media Texts for Sexual Identity Exploration

What turns me on, turns me off?: Usage of media texts by adolescents for sexual identity exploration. (A graduate school psychology final paper, edited for posting, with link containing the full paper.) When the audience for the media and its content is children, research into the mass media typically focuses on two mediated “sins”: violenceContinue reading “Teenagers Using Media Texts for Sexual Identity Exploration”