Forces of Attraction: Chapter 1

Fort Knox? Child’s play?

The White House? Piece of cake.

The Louvre? Didn’t even break a sweat.

Hidden by the doorway she stood in, Elementa looked at the building across the street. In the pre-dawn hours, only candle lights flickered in a few windows. She hadn’t seen any motion in over an hour. And before that, everything fell silent two hours ago. Now was the time.

And still, she had a hard time willing her body to leave the doorway’s shadows.

The Sanctum Sanctorum. They say it is guarded by unknown types of mystical protections. Something she’s never experienced before. Of course it was giving her pause.

Then, breaking her stare, she smiled and wound her lucky scarf around her head, disguising her features.

Pause? Yes, but that’s over now.

Waving her hands as if gathering the shadows around her, she transformed the air into a tight black body suit, covering every inch of her body except her face. Then, with a snap of her fingers, she walked forwards out of the doorway, and with each step she took, she sank lower into the sidewalk and then the road, until she completely disappeared.