Playing, with Writing

A long time ago, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write short stories. Novels. Movies. TV shows. Plays. I wanted to let my imagination soar the bring the results down through pages and screens for others to experience.

I have never really done much of that work, other than coming up with a lot of ideas, and writing the odd piece of (what I cam to learn was called) fan fiction.

As I work more on how to create public scholarship and research communication intended for a general audience, I thought about getting back to my fiction writing roots, in the hopes of some day improving those skills enough to use them to present my intellectual musings and observations.

To that end, this subset of my site will be a place where I distribute the various pieces of fan fiction and other creative writing I have completed and started, in the hope of giving myself a place to play, with writing, to discover my voice.

Fan Fiction

Nottingham Outlaw: the first novel I ever wrote when I was in middle school (like 1991-1992), I came to learn it was fan fiction only years later, when I learned what fan fiction was. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) inspired me to write what I saw as its sequel — complete with a Mary Sue character as a stand in for myself to fall in love with Will Scarlet (because my first big crush was Christian Slater). This is just one version of it — the original I wrote on a very old computer (floppy discs) and had printed out dot-matrix style. But you get the gist with this version.

Down the Wrong Path: basically a novel, but I wrote this fan fiction for the Star Wars prequels after seeing Revenge of the Sith and reading its novelization. I was in graduate school at the time and interested in the phenomenon of slash. So I created a account (the story is still up there) and wrote this piece for it.

Head Trip: I was also a huge Doctor Who fan during graduate school, as David Tennant’s portrayal led to a massive parasocial crush. And I came up with this idea for fan fiction to explore my favorite shipping from the series, 10Rose.

Forces of Attraction: This fan fiction is new, reflecting a current crush on Doctor Strange from the MCU. Again I go Mary Sue by introducing a new character, Elementa, an Inhuman woman with the power to manipulate reality at the quantum level. Since both characters are able to “program” reality, I thought it would be fun to explore how Doctor Strange would teach someone to become a superhero.


Stealth: I’ve wanted to create my own superheroes for decades. In high school, I tried writing comic books for my friend who were great artists. I even tried creating my own, although my drawings are basic, as you can see below. But I’ve always have come up with all these different ideas — and the one I keep returning to most is Stealth aka Marina Grant. I’ve written her story as a novel and a script, but just haven’t figured out the right way to do it yet. What I share here is one such attempt.

SuperElder and El BisAbuelo: When I was in college, I was trying to figure out a present for my grandmother. I came across this cheap plastic keychain that said “Been There, Done That.” I bought it because it gave me an idea…to turn my grandmother into a superhero. I then added in my step-grandfather, turning them both into superheroes and sending them on various adventures. I even tried to create “real” characters and produced a movie script for them. In her memory, I keep trying. So this is the complete story I wrote for them, in which my family gets kidnapped and these heroes must save them.