Corporations Ploy to Educate Online Pirates

I wrote this week’s Dr. Geek piece for Clearance Bin Review on the recent implementation by the big five ISPs in the United States — AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Cablevision and Time Warner — of a new “educational program” designed as a warning and punishment system to stop people from engaging in peer-to-peer filesharing of copyrighted material.

Since the media conglomerates have not been able to get the government to create laws that more stridently seek to stop and punish online piracy and copyright infringement, these corporations and professional organizations, under the nomenclature of the Center for Copyright Information, have created the Copyright Alert System to, as they put it, educate the populace about what they are not supposed to be doing.  You can read all about it in this week’s Dr. Geek.


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