3D Printing: The end of consumerism?

We’ve been contemplating acquiring a 3D printer at my university for pedagogical and research purposes.  As part of this contemplation, I have had to learn more about the technology and uses of desktop manufacturing.  And in doing this, I began thinking about how the diffusion and integration of 3D printing into everyday life could change our culture and society.  If desktop publishing helped begin the … Continue reading 3D Printing: The end of consumerism?

Analyzing Obama’s 2012 Victory Speech

In the early hours of November 7th, 2012, Barack Obama took the stage at the McCormick Center in Chicago to give his re-election victory speech after Republican challenger Mitt Romney had conceded the defeat of Ohio, and as Ohio went, so went the nation.  In about 20 minutes, Obama thanked his family, his friends, his supporters, and laid out a vision of what American is, can be, should be, and will be.

Now, I am not posting about his speech because I am a liberal.  No, I am posting about his speech because I like to play with data and being the ever curious scholar, I wanted to see what Obama’s victory speech would look like as a tag cloud.

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