The Mainstreaming of Geekdom?

You can’t get tickets to Comic-Con that easily anymore.  Back in 2007, the passes were already being sold at a record rate.  It’s accelerated since then.  My boyfriend and I were thinking about going this year, but everything is sold out.  So until we can find a new time to get there, I’ve been reflecting back on my time there — especially as the new viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight sequel ramps up and we are going to possibly see some new gameplay marketing there.

So in the spirit of looking back, I found the notes I took on the Thursday, the main opening day, for the 2007 convention.  I thought I would share my impressions from back then, and to look forward to hearing how the 2011 convention is: what difference will four years make?

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Comics Versus Literary Adaptations

Back in 2007, I attended Comic-Con.  At the time, I presented a paper on comics adaptations into films and the roles of “true believers” at the Comics Arts Conference.  However, it was while I was at that venerable convention, surrounded by the fans and true believers Hollywood was hoping to capture (their energy, their money, their time) by making these adaptations, that I really pondered the ideas I was espousing in the presentation.


What follows are my thoughts on these ideas from then.  I write them down as I am transcribing from my notebook to a source of more, in all honesty, security and longevity.  And because I want to get myself into the habit of writing my thoughts on the research process down as they come to me.  So to get into the habit for the future, I turn to remembering what I’ve done in the past.

And so, it began…

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