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From Big Eyes to Big Trees: How the yasashii in anime heralds the way to a better tomorrow

October 26, 2004

Japan is the only country to have experienced a nuclear attack, giving it insight as to what a post-nuclear apocalyptic world would be. It is no wonder then that in their pop culture the issue of what could precipitate another apocalypse has been continually addressed and readdressed. One possible forerunner to such a catastrophe is Mankind’s over-reliance on the technology it has created, the idea of technology getting dangerously out of control. While Japan is one of the foremost producers of technological innovations and derives much global success from this endeavor, there is still tremendous doubt within its culture as to the appropriateness of turning over one’s life to such machinery (Napier, 2002). One cultural text in which this dialectical tension plays out is anime, and in particular, a subset of anime that looks at the relationship between Nature and technology, and what should be Mankind’s relationship to both.

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