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David Tennant: The Sexy Doctor

For many fans, the return of Doctor Who to BBC had its highlights during the David Tennant years as the 10th Doctor.  During his reign, he was consistently voted highly in public polls on favorite actor, best actor, and sexiest actor by British fans, and by fans from around the world.  10Rose was a favorite shipping by fans in their discussions and fan productions.  Even after Tennant was replaced by Matt Smith, 10Rose shippers continue to focus on stories about the 10th Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler.  I count myself in that group, having written my own 10Rose story.

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Wii U: Whoopie?

At E3 today, the boffo electronics bazaar in Los Angeles where companies unveil their latest and greatest to tantalize the geeks in all of us, Nintendo unveiled their (much) anticipated new system to answer PlayStation 3’s Move and X-Box 360’s Kinect.  While Nintendo’s Wii was revolutionary when it first came out, its sales have been on the decline for the past two years due to, largely, it reaching a saturation point in the marketplace, the marketplace being overrun with iPad mobile gaming (there are only so many casual gamers and Nintendo aficionados out there), and the arrival of the Kinect to offer non-controller game play on X-Box’s superior graphics console.  Nintendo is hoping that their new system — set to come out in 2012 before both X-Box and PlayStation unveil their next gen consoles — will recoup their standing in the marketplace.

Enter the big reveal at today’s E3.

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